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Wisconsin Capital Management provides a broad range of financial services for individuals and institutions, including personalized strategies for wealth management, retirement services and assisting with trust and estate planning. We have focused on separately managed accounts since the firm was founded in 1984. Wisconsin Capital Management has also served as the manager for our proprietary equity and balanced funds since their inception on May 24, 2007.

We strive to deliver personalized customer service. We believe that quality service is a key to maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. We work closely with our clients to assist them in defining their investment goals and objectives and then to determine the optimal asset allocation between common stocks and bonds to meet those goals. Our portfolio managers implement the investment plan. We meet with our clients on a regular basis to review the investments and to update any changes in our clients’ goals and objectives.

* Our Mutual Funds are open for new investments. Please see the Plumb Funds link above.

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Our Investment Approach

Our approach to investment management is designed to provide competitive performance over the entire business cycle. Our clients rely on us to manage their assets through the fluctuations of market cycles. We strive to outperform over the long-term through changing market conditions by maintaining a strong discipline of balance. We execute this with comprehensive research on investment themes, diversification and reasonable valuations. We believe a solid financial foundation begins with a well-balanced portfolio of core holdings. The individual securities and proprietary mutual funds we manage serve as core holdings around which we may add complementary assets, depending client objectives.


The key to this is balance. We believe stocks, bonds and cash should all play a role in portfolio allocation strategy. Balance allows us to weather tough times. It allows investors to participate in upside while dampening the negative effects of market downturns.

Investable Themes

Our research is focused on analyzing and taking advantage of long-term investable themes. In choosing securities, our goal is to understand where we are in the current business cycle and to create a diversified portfolio of great businesses which fit our long-term themes. These themes can produce strong revenue and profit growth for those businesses that can participate over a long-term time horizon.

We view each company as a unique mosaic that encompasses our principal investment beliefs:

Diversified by Capitalization

Our portfolios are diversified by company size, or market capitalization, which means we own large, medium and small businesses. Today, while somewhat more than half of our stock holdings are in large capitalization companies, we are continuing to find investment opportunities in small and medium capitalized businesses.

Asset Selection Strategies

Buy strategy indicators:

Sell strategy indicators:

Our investment philosophy, supported by extensive security investment research, drives the selection process. We look for growing companies which fall into our investable themes. We strive to purchase them at reasonable prices with a goal to outperform over entire business cycles. We believe that this produces an attractive risk-adjusted return for our clients.

Our History

For more than 34 years, Wisconsin Capital Management, LLC has managed separate equity, balanced, and fixed-income portfolios. As a full-service investment advisory firm, based in Madison, Wisconsin, we have a rich history of providing investment services to institutions and high net worth accounts throughout the Midwest and around the country. In addition to managing client portfolios, Wisconsin Capital Management serves as investment manager for our proprietary equity and balanced funds.

Our Founder

Thomas G. Plumb, CFA

Thomas G. Plumb, CFA


Thomas G. Plumb is the founding Principal of Wisconsin Capital Management, LLC (formerly Thompson Plumb & Associates), which began in 1984. Mr. Plumb’s roles include Portfolio Manager, Research Analyst, and Fund Manager.

Mr. Plumb also serves as President of our proprietary mutual fund company and is the Lead Portfolio Manager of our equity and balanced funds.

Mr. Plumb was formerly the lead Portfolio Manager of the Dreyfus Premier Balanced Opportunity Fund.  Mr. Plumb earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1975, is a member of the Madison Investment Management Society and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Q & A

Q:  Why do I need an investment advisor?
A:  Wisconsin Capital Management will customize, prioritize and design a roadmap to your financial goals. 

Q:  What is a financial goal?
A:  Each goal is unique to individuals but they can be diversified from retirement plans, children’s education or saving for a future home.  After all, any goal without a plan is just a dream.

Q:  What makes Wisconsin Capital Management unique?
A:  We specialize in analyzing individual stocks and bonds as the basis of your portfolio.

Q:  What if I am just starting to invest in my future?
A:  Wisconsin Capital Management is vertically integrated to help both the large and small investor.


For more information about Wisconsin Capital Management, LLC, please contact us at info@wiscap.com or call 608-960-4616.

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