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Wisconsin Capital Management’s investment services can be accessed through a fee only investment advisory agreement or may be offered through our Proprietary Mutual Funds’ prospectus.

For more information about Wisconsin Capital Management, LLC, please contact us at info@wiscap.com or call 608-960-4616.

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Individual Portfolio Management

For your investable assets, a portfolio manager at Wisconsin Capital Management, LLC will purchase individual common stocks and bonds to meet the specific goals and objectives of the client. There are three primary advantages to having an individually managed portfolio. First, the portfolio holdings are transparent to the client. This allows the client to better assess the risk level of the account and also to maintain a long-term investment discipline during volatile market conditions. Second, an individually managed portfolio can be more sensitive to capital gains and income tax considerations than a mutual fund or Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). Finally, the management fee of an individual portfolio may be lower than the expense ratio of a mutual fund or ETF.

Our Portfolio Managers work together as a team to find attractive investment opportunities across a broad range of industries and market capitalizations. A diversified, tax and cost efficient portfolio can help you become a successful long-term investor. Stocks and bonds can be quite volatile. A customized portfolio could help you modify the volatility of these markets and increase the likelihood that your investments help you reach your personal goals. Our client service and investment professionals work closely with our clients to serve the administrative needs of our clients and complement our investment management service.

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