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Wisconsin Capital Management’s investment services can be accessed through a fee only investment advisory agreement or may be offered through our Proprietary Mutual Funds’ prospectus.

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Retirement Plans Services


If you are an independent contractor that is not currently in a retirement plan we are able to help you.  We can open a Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SEP) for people of all walks of life, such as consultants and small business owners.  Also, if you have recently switched jobs, and would like consulting on how to properly move your 401(K), we can provide guidance on the next steps to ensure your investments are suitable and beneficiaries are properly documented.


Wisconsin Capital Management offers a collaborative approach to retirement planning.  We assist and provide employers with mutually advantageous retirement plan options for their respective employees. We also pride ourselves on guiding individuals who are independent contractors or looking to roll over their 401(K) from a previous employer.

For the employer, Wisconsin Capital Management believes that to provide a beneficial retirement plan for your employees, sound investment advice for those early in their income producing careers is needed.  That is why we offer customized one-on-one education to all your employees. 

As you well know, an employer that takes care of its employees is a mutually beneficial relationship and an important retention tool for your key employees.  We work closely with plan sponsors to ensure that they’re fulfilling their duties, and often act as plan co-fiduciary. We work with the following retirement plans:

Wisconsin Capital Management works with third party administrators (TPAs), record keepers and custodians to ensure excellent customer service throughout all levels of a retirement plan.

To find out how we can help you, or to receive a free side-by-side cost comparison with your current plan, please contact us today at 608-960-4616

Financial Planning

Have you ever wondered if you thought of your personal finances as if it were a business?  As with a business, you should set your personal finances in an upward growth trajectory. Let us help you demystify these interlocking variables and develop a successful game plan that helps you meet your life goals. Wisconsin Capital Management offers a complimentary meeting to optimize your personal finances by reviewing your personal strategy and to learn your life’s priorities. 

Individual Portfolio Management

For your investable assets, a portfolio manager at Wisconsin Capital Management, LLC will purchase individual common stocks and bonds to meet the specific goals and objectives of the client. There are three primary advantages to having an individually managed portfolio. First, the portfolio holdings are transparent to the client. This allows the client to better assess the risk level of the account and also to maintain a long-term investment discipline during volatile market conditions. Second, an individually managed portfolio can be more sensitive to capital gains and income tax considerations than a mutual fund or Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). Finally, the management fee of an individual portfolio is generally lower than the expense ratio of a mutual fund or ETF.

Our Portfolio Managers work together as a team to find attractive investment opportunities across a broad range of industries and market capitalizations. A diversified, tax and cost efficient portfolio can help you become a successful long-term investor. Stocks and bonds can be quite volatile. A customized portfolio could help you modify the volatility of these markets and increase the likelihood that your investments help you reach your personal goals. Our client service and investment professionals work closely with our clients to serve the administrative needs of our clients and complement our investment management service.

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